Lower Your Golf Score.

Golf AR is a revolutionary training tool that reinforces proper muscle memory in real time on the course or driving range. Strengthen your game anywhere you play while preventing against the development of bad habits.

Finally, players are able to have virtual guidance during the act of swinging to ensure proper technique. Compared to antiquated platforms that require players to watch replays of their swing and conceptualize how to make changes.

Our visual guidance platform appearing directly through the glasses offers a break through in sports training, where players make use of the neuro-science principles of Mirror Neuron learning simply replicating the virtual cues in front of them.

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Cutting Edge Features.

Virtually Select Shot Targets

Choose where you want your ball to land on any course or driving range using a red virtual tracer arrow.

Virtual Guidance for Swinging at Targets

Players are shown virtual swing grids that guide them exactly how to hit their selected ball targets.

Automatic Ball Detection and Swing Grid Placement

The Golf AR platform is able to automatically detect a players golf ball and virtually lock the correct digital swing grid onto ball. This will allow players to train proper muscle memory anywhere they play during the act of swinging.

Train Seeing the Invisible Elements that Effect Your Shots

The M3 Golf AR platform is able to display virtual wind currents and other weather data invisible to the naked eye.

State of the Art AR Sports Training.

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