Science Overview

Based on 25 years of golf swing analysis and cognitive and neuroscience research we have streamlined the learning process to offer direct instant virtual feedback during the act of practicing or training for a sport. A mobile solution for building correct technique while preventing improper training and muscle memory development.

The scientific reinforcement of muscle memory in sports training relies on consistently practicing techniques with the correct form and motion at all times. Our M3 “real time” muscle memory optimization system gives immediate visual feedback and cues of how to swing during the actual swing itself – facilitating a visual guidance for players to see exactly what they need to be doing during the actual swing, not afterwards. This avoids the unpredictable feedback cycle of trying to think about how to change your swing after watching a replay.

Cutting Edge Features.

Virtually Select Shot Targets

Choose where you want your ball to land on any course or driving range using a red virtual tracer arrow.

Virtual Guidance for Swinging at Targets

Players are shown virtual swing grids that guide them exactly how to hit their selected ball targets.

Automatic Ball Detection and Swing Grid Placement

The Golf AR platform is able to automatically detect a players golf ball and virtually lock the correct digital swing grid onto ball. This will allow players to train proper muscle memory anywhere they play during the act of swinging.

Train Seeing the Invisible Elements that Effect Your Shots

The M3 Golf AR platform is able to display virtual wind currents and other weather data invisible to the naked eye.

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